Special products:

  1. Die board plywood
  2. Plywood for engineered flooring
  3. Anti vibration plywood
  4. Fire retardant plywood

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Baltic birch is unique.

This is the site of the company SIA Strong Wood.

We are totally devoted to Baltic Birch Plywood:

  1. Our love to birch plywood is a long lasting feeling.
  2. Our knowledge of Baltic birch plywood is detailed and comprehensive.
  3. Our recommendations to use fully birch plywood as best material in lots of applications is certain.

People very often ask question: "What is the difference between Russian birch plywood and Baltic birch plywood?"

Russian birch plywood is made in Russia.
Baltic birch plywood is made in one of the following countries around Baltic sea: Russia, Finland, Estonia, Latvia.

We are located in Europe with headquarter in Latvia and operating division in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Combination of European quality service for our customers with huge Russian resources of excellent birch is the foundation of our success.

Baltic Birch Plywood for any application on time.

Full quality control.

Our main products:

  1. Interior plywood
  2. Exterior plywood
  3. Film Faced plywood

We supply only fully birch plywood.
This means that all plies (layers) of our plywood are made of rotary cut birch veneer only (including face and core veneer).

Using birch veneer for core plies (for middle layers) of plywood gives very good results in strength and durability of our plywood.

This is one of the reasons why we are proud of our products and strategy.

Birch species description:

Birch tree is a broadleaved hardwood tree.
It belongs to a genus of trees called in LatinBetula in the family Betulacease. This family is closely related to the beech and oak family called in Latin Fagaceae.

There are many taxonomy names of birch trees depending on the place and condintions of growing.
Wikipedia is defining different species of birch from 
Betula genus.

We supply birch plywood made of birch trees from the area of Baltic countries with Latin name Betula pendula.
Translation of this name is Silver birch.

This type of birch grows in the North of Europe and in Western Sybirea. It gives extraordinary strength features and very nice appearance to birch plywood.

Using Baltic Birch plywood is the key to success in many types of business.

State of the art technology.

Main applications for baltic birch plywood:

Baltic birch plywood used to be main material in furniture manufacturing in Europe and USA. Items like drawer sides, drawer bottoms, table tops are very often made of Baltic Birch Plywood.

Production of plywood was very much improved in Baltic countries especially in Russia during last 15 years. Variety in size and grades of Baltic birch plywood is much wider these days. As the result Baltic birch plywood is used in the following applications:

  1. Flooring for trucks and containers
  2. Furniture for children
  3. Upholstered furniture
  4. Outdoor kindergarten equipment
  5. Children toys
  6. Scaffolding
  7. Concrete forming
  8. ​Doors
  9. ​Packaging
  10. Loudspeakers
  11. Boats and trains manufacturing